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March 22, 2006 — 4 Comments

The post that I had decided to write today was about technology and the ever-present temptation to waste all of our time on it, and to dive into false “fun” on the internet, wasting our days away with MySpace and instant messaging. But, ironically, that post was deleted accidentally. Got to love technology.

But it reminded me of a few things. First of all, our lives can be like the text file. They can be suddenly gone in an instant, never to be seen again on the screen of our computers, or rather, on earth. James tell us that we
are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.”

That really hits home, especially for many of us who are in our teens. Our lives seems to stretch out ahead of us, and the possibilities seem endless. It’s as if we’ll never face death. But we will, and it’s real, and it’s coming faster than some of us know. I really think that needs to remind us that we don’t have all the time in the world to serve Christ with all of our lives. That’s why I’ve started right now. I’m not going to waste this time I have now. I once read in a book where the author exhorted the young men reading the book to take advantage of their youth, because it fades quickly. And I’ve really strived to take that to heart, because I really don’t want to take the strength that I have now for granted. I want to be fully used by the Lord, no matter how old I am. I believe that I can be used of God just as much as someone who has a doctorate degree in theology. God can, and will, use me if I allow him to. And I want to allow Him to use me right now.

Another thing that the deletion of that blog post reminded me of sort of ties in with what I just said. Many of us throw our lives away so quickly, and in an instant we’re serving other gods. Television, relationships, computers, sports, you name it. Our minds can quickly delete God, and put a completely new file into our minds. We’re writing our story based on relationships, and not based upon God. We need to be willing to remove those distractions and focus on God.

Now, I realize there is a time and there is a place for relationships, sports, etc. But we need to make sure that our priorities are right.

1. God is always number one.
2. Family is always number two.
3. Then comes the other things…

We need to constantly evaluate our priorities in an effort to make sure our focus in on God. Like I said in Regenerate Our Culture’s Online Magazine, “So many of us have no will to live to the best of our ability, and without that will we cannot change the world around us. We can’t be in the top 5% of the greats, because with no will, and no focus, we cannot make a difference.”

The question is, are you willing to dedicate your life fully to God, no matter what your age is, or are you holding back because of distractions in your life? What are those distractions? Why are they first on your priority list instead of God?

Tim Sweetman


Tim Sweetman is a young writer, blogger, and student who lives near our nation’s capital, Washington D.C. He has been much more widely known by his “code-name,” Agent Tim. This name also served as the name of his popular blog, which received over 750,000 visits between 2005 to 2007. In 2005, he quickly rose to become a leading teenage spokesperson and cultural critic within the booming blogosphere, taking on issues such as MySpace, alcohol, homeschooling, pride, racism, tolerance, and other topics relating to our culture today. His blog has come to the attention of people such as Albert Mohler, C.J. Mahaney, Alex and Brett Harris, and La Shawn Barber. Tim’s written work has appeared in Lifeway’s Living With Teenagers (February 2012), Lookout Magazine, FUSION Magazine, The Brink Online, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, Virtue Magazine, Regenerate Our Culture Online Magazine, and on many other blogs and websites across the internet like Marry Well and the Lies Young Women Believe Blog. He has also been featured in WORLD Magazine, The Towers Magazine, and Maryland Newsline. He is scheduled to have an article appear in Veritas Magazine this December. Most recently, his work can be found on Focus on the Family’s Boundless Webzine. His personal interests include writing (surprise!) and sports, both watching and playing. He is a die-hard Washington Redskins fan.

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  1. Life is short, we can’t waste it and wait till we’re older to accomplish things, because who knows if tomorrow will ever come?

    we need to be able to dedicate ourselves to God and His plan for us, He will reveal it. He has in my life, in a general way….(specifics are yet unkown). But there is so much we can do while we’re young, inspite of the fact that we can’t vote yet.

    WE as American teens have a number of ways we can make impact on society, we shouldn’t waste that. We need to take action now, while we can, in case tomorrow never comes.

    Great Post Tim! Ditto!!!

  2. Great post and what a wonderful reminder to live for Christ! :-)

  3. Thanks so much for a wonderful post! You said, That really hits home, especially for many of us who are in our teens. Our lives seems to stretch out ahead of us, and the possibilities seem endless. It’s as if we’ll never face death. But we will, and it’s real, and it’s coming faster than some of us know. I appreciate the reminder because, like your post pointed out, our lives seem so full…

  4. This reminds of the Superchic[k] song “We Live,” when it says,

    “There’s a man who waits for the tests to
    See if the cancer has spread yet.
    And now he asks, ‘So why did I
    Wait to live ’til it was time to die?
    If I had the time back, how I’d live.’”

    I think too many young Christians think they have all the time in the world to serve God, so they’re gonna party on and get into to quirky relationships now, because when they “grow up,” they’ll be serving God, and so not having any so-called fun.

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