MIssion Update: Things Are Lookin’ Up!

June 21, 2005 — 1 Comment

Agent Tim and his roommates are lookin’ up–to the rooftops! Enjoy this report about some of the work that is being done, and a special announcement from the Agent that won’t surprise you at all. Apologies for part of the post breaking up. That’s the beauty of cell phones. When doing audio posts, they don’t have the joy of asking, “Can you hear me now?” LOL!

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Tim Sweetman


Tim Sweetman is a young writer, blogger, and student who lives near our nation’s capital, Washington D.C. He has been much more widely known by his “code-name,” Agent Tim. This name also served as the name of his popular blog, which received over 750,000 visits between 2005 to 2007. In 2005, he quickly rose to become a leading teenage spokesperson and cultural critic within the booming blogosphere, taking on issues such as MySpace, alcohol, homeschooling, pride, racism, tolerance, and other topics relating to our culture today. His blog has come to the attention of people such as Albert Mohler, C.J. Mahaney, Alex and Brett Harris, and La Shawn Barber. Tim’s written work has appeared in Lifeway’s Living With Teenagers (February 2012), Lookout Magazine, FUSION Magazine, The Brink Online, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, Virtue Magazine, Regenerate Our Culture Online Magazine, and on many other blogs and websites across the internet like Marry Well and the Lies Young Women Believe Blog. He has also been featured in WORLD Magazine, The Towers Magazine, and Maryland Newsline. He is scheduled to have an article appear in Veritas Magazine this December. Most recently, his work can be found on Focus on the Family’s Boundless Webzine. His personal interests include writing (surprise!) and sports, both watching and playing. He is a die-hard Washington Redskins fan.

One response to MIssion Update: Things Are Lookin’ Up!

  1. Sounds like things are going good Tim! I love these audio posts, I wish I would’ve done this on my mission trips!

    P.S. I finally launched Mission 3:6teen – I was just waiting for you to leave :-P j/k!

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