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Episode #42: Jodie Hylkema — Embracing the "And"

Jodie’s passion is investing in people. She thrives helping clients process and gain perspective, moving them forward toward personal and professional goals.

At Leadership Consultancy, Jodie coaches Operators, senior leaders and their teams on setting and achieving goals, building trust, managing conflict, owning roles in the restaurant, and developing and leveraging emotional intelligence. She conducts Operator consultations, helping them identify areas of focus and creating individual and team focused development plans. She is also a contributing writer for The Operator Pathway, Leadership Consultancy’s guidebook for Operators developing deliverables for their business framework, talent cycle, and systems and processes in the restaurant. Using one of her main strengths of developer, she cultivates growth in individuals and teams as they become the best they can be.

Jodie holds a bachelor’s degree in counseling from Moody Bible Institute. She spent four years as a senior leader at Chick-fil-A™ Citrus Plaza in Redlands, CA. As an executive leader specialist, she supervised all aspects of the talent cycle, including recruiting, hiring, labor allocations and scheduling, disciplinary conversations, and leadership development. 

She also managed receipts, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and incremental profit opportunity in a restaurant grossing 10 million in sales and experiencing consistent 18%+ growth year-over-year. Jodie's clients use CliftonStrengths®, the Enneagram, The Leadership Challenge®, EQi® 2.0 and other models to discover deeper insights and opportunities for growth.

Connect with Jodie Hylkema: 

LinkedIn | Leadership Consultancy 

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Quotes From The Interview

  • “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable because truly that is where the beauty of growth takes place. That is where we start to grow when we’re willing to say you know what this is a really really hard for me to say this person is probably not going to be happy with me when I hold them accountable but I think what a disservice we do to someone else to not address it and not give them the opportunity for their own growth.” - Jodie Hylkema

  • “The best leaders chase failures meaning they chase opportunities to learn.” - Jodie Hylkema

People Mentioned

Show Notes

  • [00:00:00] Introduction to Jodie Hylkema

  • [00:03:50] Going from Chick-fil-A to coaching

  • [00:07:55] What sets Chick-fil-A apart from other brands and makes them successful

  • [00:10:12] Why aren’t other brands adopting Chick-fil-A’s vision

  • [00:13:14] Lessons leaders could apply and emphasis on core values

  • [00:19:27] Hardest part of leadership is clarity

  • [00:22:39] Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable

  • [00:27:00] Craving tension and leaning into the difficulty

  • [00:34:07] Embracing the “and” as leaders

  • [00:40:30] Examples of tension and ambition

  • [00:45:00] The challenge of making small changes and the output leads to success

  • [00:46:44] How the best leaders react to failure

  • [00:52:00] Failing and failing forward

  • [00:54:45] Finding balance between comfort and tension

  • [00:58:00] Helpful resources

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