The Tension Podcast
#10 - Patrick Miller: Putting Truth Over Tribe (Part 2)

#10 - Patrick Miller: Putting Truth Over Tribe (Part 2)

Key Quotes:

  1. "God, give me wisdom and tact." - A call for introspection and humility before engaging in challenging discussions.

  2. "Remember whose tribe you're in. You're in the Jesus tribe." - Highlighting the larger community we belong to, beyond our immediate affiliations.

  3. "Humility is power under control." - An exploration of the real essence of strength when channeled with grace and humility.

  4. "Go out with someone in the community who disagrees with you... and just learn their story." - An encouragement to foster genuine conversations and bridge gaps.

  5. "Give my allegiance to the lamb, not the donkey, not the elephant." - A powerful reminder to prioritize faith and spiritual values over political biases.


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