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#12 - Purpose Beyond Profit: Why Jeremy Reyes Killed His Business

#12 - Purpose Beyond Profit: Why Jeremy Reyes Killed His Business

Key Takeaways:

  1. Businesses should be driven by a mission and purpose rather than solely by profit.

  2. Sharing personal stories and experiences can combat false beliefs and create genuine connections.

  3. Aligning your business with your life purpose, knowledge, skills, and people you empathize with can lead to profound fulfillment.

  4. Ambition is valuable but must be rooted in genuine intentions and not become an obsession over outcomes.

  5. Businesses should focus on serving people genuinely and authentically rather than using them as tools for profit.

  6. The process and journey in business are as vital as, if not more than, the final outcome.

  7. True success in entrepreneurship can be measured by more than just financial gains; it encompasses personal alignment, integrity, and impact on others.


  1. www.apurposebeyondprofit.com

  2. www.Tensionpod.Com

Key Quotes: 

  • "We live in a business economy that uses people as a tool to love profit. We're helping grow a new economy that uses business to love people because people are more than just a tool to make money." - Jeremy Reyes

  • "We understand truth through the lens of stories, through experiences." - Jeremy Reyes

  • "If you love the process and you surrender the milestone. And if you love the milestone, you grow a hatred for the process." - Jeremy Reyes

  • "Faithfulness in the little things is a big thing." 

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