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#16 - Paul T. Tran — Boss vs. Leader

#16 - Paul T. Tran — Boss vs. Leader

Really, How Hard Can It Be to Open a Restaurant?

Tim Sweetman welcomes prolific entrepreneur Paul T. Tran. Paul, who sold over 1,000 franchises and co-founded a successful seafood restaurant, now contributes by consulting growing restaurant chains on their growth strategies. He also manages Southern California's largest franchising of the Halal Guys, with over $15 million in annual revenue.

Paul shares his childhood experiences and the values that molded his approach to business and life – lessons from his parents about consequences and selfless grace. He speaks about the drive for money in his early days that led him to explore ventures such as multi-level marketing. The turning point, however, was reading the book 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad', which shifted his perspective towards a different approach to success – being a business owner and an investor.

Paul also shares more about his journey into the restaurant business, starting with his interest in a neighborhood restaurant called the Boiling Crab. His story is a testament to his belief in leadership, not as a title, but as a demonstration of action and compassion, pulling a team together towards a shared vision.

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Quotes from Paul 

  1. 'Leadership is not a title. It's what you do, and it's how you pull a team together for a common vision.'

  2. 'You need to live in full HD. You would clean this up because that's how you would want to be treated as well.'

  3. 'For everything that you do wrong or not right, there are consequences to it.'

  4. 'I'm always tempted to let my kids play with their video games, and I'm always tempted to not pick a battle with them because it's the easier way out. But now I'm learning that I'm not there to be their friend, I'm there to guide them and develop them into people.'

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