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#20: Bethany Babcock — Success vs. Surrender

#20: Bethany Babcock — Success vs. Surrender

The power of every day miracles

In this episode of The Tension Podcast, we dive into the life of Bethany Babcock, the founder of Foresite Commercial Real Estate. Bethany's narrative is not just a story of business acumen, but a profound personal journey interwoven with faith, resilience, and the art of balancing life's multifaceted roles.

Here's a breakdown of her insights:

  • Darkest Before Dawn: Why Bethany wants to share the story of her first deal – which was anything but a storybook narrative or breakthrough success.

  • Finding Her Path: How Bethany’s path has been anything but straight – sometimes boosted by strokes of luck and other times battered by economics and circumstances.

  • Power in Partnership: What mentorship brings to career development and why it’s worth pursuing, whether formally or informally, as a bridge to long-term goals.

  • Inviting Abundance: How unpredictable times breed a scarcity mentality and what it looks like to release control and turn open-heartedly to faith.

  • Daily Provision: About the daily miracles that have guided Bethany on her path. Even when we are our lowest, darkest moments full of doubt, there is evidence of light.

  • Falling Into Place: How Bethany became a “reluctant entrepreneur” by using the worst possible life timing as a springboard for the best possible time to launch her venture.

  • Mindset Shift: Why it was important for Bethany to adopt a positive attitude, vanquishing the waste of time and energy that chronic fear and doubt represent.

  • Hiring and Firing: How Bethany has built a top San Antonio workplace by intentionally hiring good people (who attract more of the same) right from the outset and also knowing why it can be an “act of mercy” to part ways when an employee isn’t the right fit.

  • ·       The Right Kind of Growth: About the 10-point code of ethics that Bethany and her partner at Foresite developed and why it’s central to scaling their workplace culture.

  • Some Key Foresite Principles:

    Putting other people first.

    Full disclosure and transparency.

    Stepping back from transactions that don’t align.

    Anticipate the client’s current and future needs.

  • Faith-Driven Entrepreneur: What are the elements that define purpose and foster an ethical, inclusive workplace culture.

  • Wearing Different Hats: How Bethany embraces her ambition while also showing up for her family and community – a balance not without struggle. She’s still figuring it out!

  • Reframing Success: About the power in permission to show up as our imperfect selves, staying present while recognizing the need for grace through all seasons of life.

  • Change in Perspective: What science tells us about narrowed vision and how it increases stress and reduces our resistance to stress, anxiety and depression.

  • Reconsidering Television: How opting out of (or limiting) TV and video games can free up significant chunks of life and invite untapped creativity, health and … joy!

  • Leveraging Social Media: Why Bethany believes that seasoned pros have a lot of wisdom to share on platforms such as X (formerly Twitter) and positive stories to share.

  • Reverse Culture Shock: About the imprint left by her family’s many years of missionary work in Chile – the challenge and strength Bethany found in re-adapting to America.

  • Senior Project: How Bethany’s mandate at age 18 to develop life skills (including budget research and financial management) empowered her and fueled her resilience.

  • Words of Wisdom: Don’t stop. Don’t give up!

Key Takeaways for the Aspiring and the Seasoned Alike:

  • Resilience is Key: Bethany's narrative is a masterclass in weathering storms and emerging stronger.

  • Faith as a Business Compass: Her story offers a unique perspective on integrating personal beliefs with professional endeavors.

  • The Power of Mentorship: The importance of having seasoned guidance in shaping one’s career cannot be overstated.

  • Embracing Life's Juggling Act: Bethany’s experience provides real-life insights into the challenge of balancing a successful career with personal responsibilities.

  • Crafting a Nurturing Workplace: Her approach to hiring and fostering a positive company culture is an inspiration for building a supportive and thriving work environment.

Bethany Babcock’s story is more than just a business success story. It's a mosaic of faith, grit, mentorship, and the relentless pursuit of balance, offering valuable lessons and inspiration for anyone navigating the complex waters of life and career.

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