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#21: Miche Priest — Burnout vs. Balance

#21: Miche Priest — Burnout vs. Balance

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Miche Priest has had a lifetime of facing challenging decisions.

She spent her youth in a small town in Oklahoma then living abroad moving 6 times to 4 different countries in 10 years. She has had 7 career changes starting with being an art teacher. She met with hundreds of couples as a financial advisor. Her latest job was leading an animal health technology company with artificial intelligence at its core. She's gone back to being an entrepreneur building products and services that bring more moments of happiness in the lives of others. Miche holds a Master of Arts in Communications and Technology from the University of Alberta and draws on the theories examined in her master's capstone to develop the Unstuck in 15 decision-making framework.

In this episode, we dive into her diverse life experiences and innovative frameworks for decision-making. This episode reflects on human behavior, the struggle for personal identity, and the journey toward happiness and belonging.

Key Topics and Learnings

  1. Diverse Backgrounds Shaping Perspectives: Miche Priest's journey from a small town in Oklahoma to living abroad and experiencing multiple career changes has given her a unique lens to view the world. Mish emphasizes, "We see things through our own lens," indicating how our diverse experiences shape our individual perspectives.

  2. The 'Incredible Unstuck' and Decision-Making: Mish introduces her "Incredible Unstuck in 15" decision-making framework, which encourages exploring beyond binary choices. This approach challenges the conventional norms, offering innovative solutions to seemingly intractable problems.

  3. The Journey from Emotional Expression to Articulation: Miche reflects on her childhood struggles with emotional expression, attributing it partly to her unique background and upbringing. She remarks on the importance of finding one's voice and using it effectively for self-expression.

  4. The Evolution of Happiness: Miche's definition of happiness has evolved over time, from seeking external pleasures to finding joy in family, and friends, and being present in the moment. She poetically states, "Happiness is not a destination. It comes in moments."

  5. Overcoming Burnout and Finding Balance: Miche shares her personal encounters with burnout, particularly in the tech industry. Her experiences led her to develop strategies for self-care and boundary-setting, emphasizing the importance of listening to one's body and mind.

  6. Challenging Assumptions and Beliefs: The podcast touches on the significance of challenging one's assumptions and beliefs. Miche credits her professors for opening her eyes to new perspectives, which played a crucial role in her personal growth.

  7. Framework for Unstuck in 15: Miche outlines her micro-coaching model, which involves asking three pivotal questions within a 15-minute session to help individuals navigate their dilemmas. This model is a testament to the power of focused and quality questioning.

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Key Quote from the Episode:

  • "We all have ways that we cause ourselves to be stuck." - Miche Priest

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