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#22: Mike Farag — Founder Mindset vs. CEO Mindset

#22: Mike Farag — Founder Mindset vs. CEO Mindset

Founder of Fervor Marketing on leading with humanity, seeking wise counsel, and transforming from entrepreneur to CEO

Mike Farag (“fair-egg”) is Fervor's founder, CEO, and Chief Brand Strategist. After building a career in the corporate world, Mike started Fervor after a life-changing trip to Haiti. (Learn more about that here.) In addition to being our leader and chief vision-caster, Mike leads Fervor's business development efforts.

After years of climbing the corporate ladder, Mike Farag knew his life needed to change after going on a mission trip to Haiti. He started with a brief marketing project for the Global Orphan Project but soon realized he wanted to help other non-profits and faith-based organizations market their work more effectively, which led to the creation of Fervor Marketing. In this episode, Mike discusses some of the biggest lessons he’s learned while building Fervor, and he offers advice to leaders who are looking to better incorporate their faith into their businesses.  

Episode Recap:

  • What did you learn from starting a BBQ sauce company?

  • How did a trip to Haiti transform your life?

  • What did the process of building Fervor look like?

  • How do you prioritize your mission while still staying profitable?

  • Why did you decide to make your organization explicitly faith-based?

  • What steps can a leader take to start adding their faith into their business?

    • 1. Seek wise counsel

    • 2. Define your core values, game plan, structure

    • 3. Find the unique way your business can implement those values

  • How have you made the shift from entrepreneur to CEO?

  • What benefits have you noticed since establishing an EOS?

  • How important are core values?

  • What strategies do you use to make and keep the right hires?

  • How do you handle terminations and other HR decisions?

  • What do you say to organizations that don’t understand they need to make a profit?

  • How do you celebrate your employees?

  • Why do you hate the word balance?

  • What does health look like for you and your family?

  • What encouragement can you give to leaders in the midst of a difficult year?

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