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#27: Jamie Harrison — How to Get Truly Healthy This Year

The Challenge of Transforming More Than Just Your Body

Jamie Harrison is the founder of The Consistency Club.

Jamie is a dynamic 27-year-old entrepreneur from Gloucester, England, and the visionary founder of The Consistency Club, an Executive Health Coaching service. With over a decade of experience in health coaching, Jamie has been a pivotal figure in the startup of a corporate wellness app and has honed his skills in the corporate world as an Account Director.

Jamie's journey is fueled by a deep-seated passion for educating and coaching busy professionals. He is dedicated to enhancing their health, energy, appearance, and overall lifestyle. His mission is ambitious yet inspiring: to positively impact the health of 1,000,000 people through his endeavors in the health and wellness industry.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Jamie is a family man, eagerly awaiting the arrival of his first child in May 2024. His personal experiences and upcoming role as a father only deepen his understanding of the challenges and importance of maintaining a balanced, healthy lifestyle amidst the demands of a busy career.

Jamie brings to the table not just expertise, but a personal commitment to transforming lives, making him a compelling voice in the world of health and wellness.


Connect with Jamie Harrison: 

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  • “If you don’t have a habit in place, you're solely relying on motivation.” - Jamie Harrison

  • “You don’t get into a habit without discipline.” - Jamie Harrison

  • “Habits, routines, and structure of your day are as important as getting workouts done, eating well, and getting a good night’s sleep.” - Jamie Harrison

  • “That’s what makes this thing called life so beautiful because we all experience it in a different way and it all comes down to the conversation of acceptance - acceptance of who you are, acceptance that you need to change, finally coming around to the fact that you need to take action and building self-confidence in yourself because you’ve done it. It doesn’t matter what anyone else is, does, says, looks like. This is your journey and it’s you versus you.” - Jamie Harrison

  • “Losing body fat and losing weight are very different from being healthy and that’s a very important thing to consider.” - Jamie Harrison

  • “Where there’s mental resistance, there’s growth.” - Jamie Harrison

Show Notes

  • [00:00:00] Introduction to Jamie Harrison

  • [00:03:50] Why Jamie chose to focus on super busy business leaders’ physical health

  • [00:05:45] Position of leadership comes with a certain level of stress and accountability

  • [00:09:30] Why Tim chose working with Jamie over other options

  • [00:11:23] Jamie’s philosophy behind Consistency Club

  • [00:14:30] Jamie focuses on long term goals and longevity

  • [00:16:00] How Jamie helps people get over feeling too busy to start

  • [00:19:50] Element of lack of self-confidence people feel before starting

  • [00:21:00] Power of habits

  • [00:27:10] What are the few habits that will change your routine

  • [00:34:00] Embracing walks and breathing work

  • [00:38:25] What does a sustainable approach to food and diet look like

  • [00:43:50] How to avoid the comparison trap

  • [00:48:17] Know idea when you start how the transformation is far greater than the physical transformation and how mindset is so important

  • [00:55:30] Why put in the energy and effort over the shortcuts and bandwagons 

  • [00:59:00] Weight loss is very different from being healthy

  • [01:01:00] What are some things that can help enhance brain function for people who have to make high level decisions

  • [01:06:45] Key supplements

  • [01:13:00] Jamie’s mission and how people can work with him

  • [01:17:55] Technology recommendations

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