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#29: Michael Graham — The Great Dechurching

#29: Michael Graham — The Great Dechurching

How Embracing Curiosity May Bring People Back to Faith

Michael Graham (MDiv, Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando) is program director for The Keller Center. He is the executive producer and writer of As in Heaven and coauthor of The Great Dechurching. He is a member at Orlando Grace Church. He is married to Sara, and they have two kids.

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Quotes From the Interview

  • “We would all be wise to trade in our defensiveness for curiosity.” - Mark Sayers

  • “An attitude of suspicion is condescending and harmful to others and isolating to those who embrace it.” - Michael Graham

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Show Notes:

  • [00:00:00] Introduction to Michael Graham

  • [00:01:45] Tim’s thoughts on Michael’s book

  • [00:03:00] Why Michael took this approach to his book

  • [00:07:00] Is it a lack of curiosity that people leave the church?

  • [00:09:40] Hard part of having the posture of quiet, calm, curiosity is you have to be really secure.

  • [00:13:36] Don’t just give people the answer but also question the answers

  • [00:14:27] Comprehend, commend, critique, fulfillment

  • [00:16:30] Identity story

  • [00:18:50] If chasing you identity, how do you know you found it

  • [00:23:00] Overview of research methodology

  • [00:31:00] Results of ex-evangelicals made Michael emotional

  • [00:36:18] Encouraging things found in the research

  • [00:40:00] Tendency to choose highly doctrinal or all on outreach

  • [00:44:48] The push to make a decision between confessional and missional

  • [00:47:55] The older brother vs the younger brother framework

  • [00:53:00] Reading of Michael’s book

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