#33: Josh Etress — COO at Anchor Investments; Tactical Leadership Lessons, Life Planning, and 5 Key Elements of Time Management


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Josh Etress is currently the Chief Operating Officer at Anchor Investments, America’s most generous Commercial Real Estate Company. He is also the COO of The Russell and The Gallatin Hotel. He brings experience from previous roles at WildSparq as the Vice President of Sales & Client Success, as well as years serving with Campus Outreach in Birmingham, Alabama. He is a graduate of Berry College.

Josh Etress’ Personal Mission

No matter where I land, I intend to multiply leaders.

Life mottos:
No Reserves. No Retreats. No Regrets.
#TheBestIsAhead #KeepImpacting

Personal Values:
- Relentless Optimism
- Bias Toward Action
- Team > Self
- Aggressive Learning
- Focus on People & Results

How I think about life:
Healthy things grow w/ the right soil, sunlight, and root system to produce 30x, 60x, 100x impact. Creating maximum conditions for growth; Pruning all aspects of life that don’t produce fruit.

1, 5, 10, 20 year and Lifetime Targets:
- Impact 100 Lives: in 1 Year
- Impact 1,000 Lives: in 5 years
- Impact 10,000 Lives: in 10 Years
- Impact 100,000 Lives: in 20 years
- Impact 1,000,000 Lives: in my lifetime

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Quotes From The Interview

  • “There’s always a legal right and there’s a moral right in real estate or a legal right and an ethical right and what that means is you can actually alter the experience that a tenant has with you by going above and beyond to educate them.” - Josh Etress

  • “One of the best things you can say as a leader is to say that you were right, I was wrong, will you help me, and you invite people into your personal growth.” - Josh Etress

  • “Logic and intuition, one is not better than the other. You have to have the right blend personally, professionally within your team within the context of your business to make the best decisions.” - Josh Etress

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Show Notes

  • [00:00:00] Introduction to Josh Etress

  • [00:01:40] Journey from leadership role to real estate

  • [00:03:34] One thing that attracted Josh to Anchor is generosity as a core value

  • [00:03:57] Commercial real estate and hospitality industry are similar in challenges

  • [00:04:54] Flipping the idea of traditional landlord and tenant relationship on its head

  • [00:07:00] Generosity in going above and beyond to educate a tenant and alter their experience into a positive one

  • [00:07:21] Generosity in long-term impact on future partnerships

  • [00:08:55] Generosity in redeeming the buildings we purchase

  • [00:09:24] Thoughtful in creating a portfolio of real estate where people can engage

  • [00:10:20] How to have this mission mindset while staying in business

  • [00:13:04] What have you done to switch that mentality for your team and community to pursue excellence rather than maximize profit for self?

  • [00:17:51] Josh and Tim first meeting through Wild Spark and growth over the years

  • [00:19:24] How Josh evolved into the a leader that does a great job in helping others multiply and grow

  • [00:24:45] How do you create the right environment for your team to grow?

  • [00:31:12] How have you gone about getting people to feel confident enough to give feedback to their boss and how do you use that feedback

  • [00:39:00] How have those who’ve reported to you responded when you ask for their feedback?

  • [00:40:39] How are you intentional in giving and receiving feedback?

  • [00:46:20] The great resignation and the cultural shift

  • [00:50:29] How would you encourage a leader that’s found themselves in an organization they’ve allowed to become toxic?

  • [00:54:00] The 1-Page Plan for Your Life

  • [00:57:33] Many leaders don’t spend a lot of time on a strategic plan, what would you say to someone who says I don’t need this?

  • [01:02:18] Five key elements in time management

  • [01:09:53] Josh’s article on the mantra “You can do better” and getting away from that

  • [01:15:00] Recommended books and authors

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