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#23: Chad Smith — Masculinity vs. Femininity

#23: Chad Smith — Masculinity vs. Femininity

Defining Manhood, Exploring Creativity, and Pursuing Curiosity

Chad Smith (

) is the CEO and co-founder of HumanWealth Partners. He is a dad, entrepreneur, and spiritual guide living north of Boston on the Massachusetts Seacoast. He’s a former pastor and former Dean of Spiritual and Ethical Development.

As the CEO of Human Wealth Partners — a boutique firm specializing in coaching — he spends his time consulting and providing communication services. He also writes at The Human Fire, where he curates and writes on the human disciplines for human excellence.


This episode dives deep into the realms of business, personal development, and the evolving definitions of manhood in the 21st century. Chad Smith, with his diverse background as a former pastor, entrepreneur, and CEO, shares his insights on various topics including remote working post-COVID, the importance of real conversations, online communities, and the changing dynamics of masculinity.

  1. Impact of COVID-19 on Business and Personal Life:

    • Transition to remote working.

    • Shifts in social media and digital interaction importance post-COVID.

  2. Evolution of Online Platforms:

    • The transition from traditional blogging to modern platforms.

    • The significance of platforms like Substack in fostering discussions.

  3. Chad Smith’s Experience with ‘Write of Passage’:

    • Impact on personal development.

    • Networking and community building online.

  4. Reading Habits and Intellectual Development:

    • Approaches to diverse reading.

    • The role of literature in personal and intellectual growth.

  5. Building Conversational Skills and Relationships:

    • Strategies for effective communication.

    • The role of technology in shaping social interactions.

  6. Redefining Manhood in Contemporary Society:

    • Challenges to traditional masculinity norms.

    • Personal identity vs. societal expectations.

  7. Embracing Vulnerability and Emotional Intelligence:

    • The strength in vulnerability.

    • Authentic emotional expression and personal development.

  8. Business and Sustainability: The Role of ESG:

    • Business responsibilities in societal and environmental issues.

    • The evolving importance of ESG in corporate strategies.

  9. Adopting a Mindset of Change and Curiosity:

    • The process of changing perspectives.

    • Being open to new ideas and continuous learning.

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