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Episode #38: Gretchen Heinen — Navigating the Tensions of Entrepreneurship

Episode #38: Gretchen Heinen — Navigating the Tensions of Entrepreneurship

(Originally released April 19, 2022 — links and resources may have changed)

Gretchen Heinen is the Founder/CEO of Authsnap, a team of healthcare experts who have come together to create solutions for hospitals in the complex areas of revenue cycle management.

Gretchen is a nurse turned seven-figure entrepreneur and previously was the founder of Net Worth It School, a faith-based business mentorship program that offers coaching, courses, and a monthly membership to help people create financial legacy.

Gretchen started her career as a nurse but quickly reached the top of her field and felt called to do more. During the 2008-2009 recession, she and her husband faced financial difficulties, prompting her to pray for wisdom. This led to the creation of her podcast, Net Worth It, where she interviewed financially successful individuals.

Through her podcast, Gretchen learned that wealth is created by building multiple income streams. She experimented with various entrepreneurial ventures, learning valuable lessons along the way. In 2020, she rebranded her podcast and business to be faith-based, aligning her work with her Christian values.

As a mother and foster parent, Gretchen understands the challenges of balancing family life with entrepreneurship. She emphasizes investing in personal development, hiring coaches, and surrounding yourself with successful people to grow and reach your full potential.

Gretchen is passionate about helping others develop a healthy relationship with money and view it as a tool to accomplish their mission in life. Through her Net Worth It School and podcast (now Daring Daughters), she continues to inspire and guide others on their journey to financial freedom and purposeful living.

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Quotes From The Interview

  • "I'm okay with looking stupid or failing... I just do it. Be okay with knowing even if this fails, I'll figure it out."

  • "If you're going into entrepreneurship because you hate your job, don't do it because you won't succeed. You have to have a passion to solve a problem."

  • "Money is a tool that we get to use to do whatever it is we're supposed to do in this world that we feel is our mission."

  • "Our words have power... We need to be so careful about our words and what we say."

Show Notes

  • [00:00] Introduction

  • [01:58] Gretchen's journey from attempting to become a doctor to pursuing nursing

  • [04:04] Reaching the top of her nursing career and feeling called to do more

  • [06:14] Starting the Net Worth It podcast and interviewing financially successful people

  • [08:40] Transitioning to a faith-based podcast and rebranding in 2020

  • [10:23] Balancing nursing and entrepreneurship

  • [13:40] Overcoming the fear of failure and looking stupid

  • [16:55] The importance of having a passion and purpose in entrepreneurship

  • [19:40] Investing in yourself by getting in the right rooms and hiring coaches

  • [22:15] Taking action and being okay with failing

  • [24:42] Treating your job as an investment partner while building your business

  • [27:00] Changing the way we think about and relate to money

  • [30:25] Overcoming the belief that you're not worthy of talking to successful people

  • [33:40] The power of words and canceling negative words spoken over you

  • [37:20] Prioritizing self-care as an entrepreneur

  • [40:30] Micro tweaks to ensure proper nutrition, hydration, and exercise

  • [43:15] Gretchen's ideal daily routine and schedule

  • [48:40] The importance of having a plan and theming your days

  • [49:50] Where to find Gretchen's resources and free 5-day challenge

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