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Episode #39: Austin Linney — Lessons from the Frontlines, Breaking Negative Mindsets, and What Real Success Looks Like

Austin Linney's Path to Personal and Professional Fulfillment

In this episode of the Tension podcast, host Tim Sweetman interviews Austin Linney, a serial entrepreneur, real estate investor, business and mindset coach. Austin shares his personal journey of overcoming negative thought patterns, self-sabotage, and alcohol addiction to live a life of abundance and significance. He emphasizes the importance of taking radical responsibility for one's mindset and life choices.

Austin and Tim discuss the power of an engaged, involved boss or CEO in impacting employees' lives, and the higher calling of serving others through business. They explore the role of faith in Austin's journey, learning to surrender and believe in a higher power during challenging times.

Austin shares his philosophy of giving people opportunities to show greatness and the lessons he's learned from interviewing successful individuals. He recommends two influential books: What You Say When You Talk to Yourself and The Gap and the Gain.

Throughout the conversation, Austin's infectious energy and passion for personal growth shine through. He encourages listeners to embrace curiosity, think for themselves, and consistently work towards becoming the best version of themselves. The episode offers insights on mindset, leadership, and the transformative power of taking responsibility for one's life.

About Austin Linney

Austin Linney is a serial entrepreneur, real estate investor, business and mindset coach, and host of the weekly podcast, Construct Your Life with Austin Linney.

He has built an expansive network of top professionals in leading industries, and helped countless individuals break through obstacles and become who they were meant to be. 

For years, Austin struggled with negative thought patterns, self-sabotage, and alcohol addiction that left him trapped in an unfulfilling job, financial struggles, and disconnected and failing relationships. When he reached a breaking point, Austin knew he needed to take radical responsibility for his mindset and his life. He dedicated everything to learning strategies, systems, and tools to break free from a self-destructive cycle and live a life of abundance and significance. 

Now Austin lives his passion and purpose helping people establish habits and improve their mindset so they can live the life they truly want. Whether you are looking to build a business, obtain financial freedom, or become more of who you are, Austin can help you get where you want to go.

Connect with Austin Linney 

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Recommended Books:

Quotes From The Interview

  • “I guarantee you there’s three to four to five things whether in your personal life or your business life that you’re stringing along…there’s a million things that I could do to make money but that doesn’t mean I’m going to do them because it doesn’t make me happy.” - Austin Linney

  • “The number one skill I see in all those people that make them happy and successful is curiosity. They’re never done learning, they got a notepad next to them and they ask questions.” - Austin Linney

People Mentioned

Show Notes

  • [00:00:00] Introduction to Austin Linney

  • [00:03:02] Simplicity and margins

  • [00:08:33] Energy and getting things done

  • [00:09:37] Growing up and addiction

  • [00:16:38] What helped Austin break a negative mindset

  • [00:20:46] Going to the extreme and ownership

  • [00:23:27] Stared in coaching

  • [00:26:50] Strategy to break the negative thinking 

  • [00:35:00] Why are people afraid to make the big change

  • [00:39:33] What should a person do to work through criticism in making changes

  • [00:46:50] The impact of an engaged leader

  • [00:49:18] How faith is becoming part of Austin’s journey

  • [01:04:00] Serving and leadership

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