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#30: Dr. Josh Packard — The Future of Faith

Sacred Listening, Profound Questions, and How to Lead Future Generations

Dr. Josh Packard is the Vice President of Strategy at @NCEATalk, the Founder at Future of Faith, and previously was the Founding Executive Director at Springtide. He is the author of Church Refugees and Stuck.

He has over 20 years of experience studying new forms of religion and how people make meaning in their lives. First as a professor of sociology where he ran The Dechurched Project, then as the founding Executive Director of Springtide Research Institute and where he helped to create the largest dataset in the country about young people and faith, and now at NCEA where he leads the applied insights division and co-founded Future of Faith. Dr. Packard has had the unique opportunity to see the landscape of religion and spirituality from a human and research perspective.  

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Recommended Books:

Quotes From The Interview:

  • “People would say all the time that adults act like they know everything when we know they don't know everything and so flipping that on its head…where they can ask you things is very disarming.” - Dr. Josh Packard

  • These flourishing experiences that help us become more human not less human - Tim Sweetman

People Mentioned:

Show Notes:

  • [00:00:00] Introduction to Dr. Josh Packard 

  • [00:02:55] Why established Future Faith and book teaser

  • [00:05:14] What’s the overall vision of Future of Faith?

  • [00:08:10] Why did institutions work really well in the past and what is the breakdown

  • [00:13:56] What is sacred listening

  • [00:19:24] How to encourage someone not good at listening to take action

  • [00:24:13] Difficult to remain present in a conversation, what do you recommend?

  • [00:27:00] Powerful for young people to be present

  • [00:36:00] Opportunity to invite young people to ask question

  • [00:39:47] What excites Dr. Packard in the future of faith

  • [00:43:00] What does sacred space look like

  • [00:46:00] How can we create human flourishing in the space that we show up in

  • [00:51:21] Train people to notice to show up where we resource people to be

  • [00:52:38] Considering relationships and community in view of technology coming out

  • [00:57:00] Adolescence right now are growing up really fast and growing up really slow at the same time

  • [00:59:46] Supporting children’s spiritual journey as parents

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